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Have Questions About Canadian Beer Club?

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about The Canadian Beer Club:

1. When are my beers shipped?
Beer shipments are made on the first day of each month. Therefore if you joined the club on December 5th, your beers will be sent on January 1st.

2. How much does a membership cost?
The cost of The Canadian Beer Club membership is $59.95 for twelve (12) beers a month, offering three different varieties. Multiple monthly memberships are available.

3. How many varieties of beer will I receive?
Each month you will receive three different types of beer from around the world.

4. Are there any hidden charges?
No. The only cost to you is the monthly membership fee and shipping and handling on the beers.

5. Who can join?
Currently, The Canadian Beer Club membership is only available to Canadians. Note: You must be of legal drinking age in your province.

6. How many beers are sent to my house every month?
The amount of beers you receive depends on which membership you purchased.

7. Can I cancel my membership?
Memberships can be cancelled anytime, simply write an email to

8. I still have questions?
If you still have questions please email us at questions@beerclub.ca




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